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Brochures, book covers, posters, business cards, video and custom jobs available.

About One Wild Tribe

One Wild Tribe Productions is a group of editors, designers, writers and musicians. Our only goal is to provide advice and services that can help independent writers and artists improve their marketing presence.
Websites, brochures, posters, book covers... We do it all. We are currently accepting jobs for all graphic design work, but we do not have openings for website projects at this time.
If you're an independent writer and self-publishing seems too overwhelming, we can help. We can guide you through setting up your own publishing account or we can publish your book ourselves for a percentage of royalties.


Check out music and videos on our YouTube channel or visit a link below.

Niki O'Brien - "Gender Outlaw"


Our publishing portfolio is growing. We offer editing, covers, eBook conversion, organizational advice, and tips on how to publish, as well as full service publishing services where we post your book across the web for you. Click the tabs above to see a few examples.

Bleed The Stars

A cop trying to forge a new path. A serial killer on the loose. A psychotic in need of protection. Rayden Glenn finds herself on the run with “The Cosmos Killer” Dezi LeMarco. Will she be able to protect Dezi, or will Dezi find her way back to The Family?

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The Eternity Series

The Eternity Series is a growing collections of stories in two connected series following disaster on Earth: The Team Apollo Series details the adventures of the Air Force Space Group, while The Lost Oceans Series tells the story from the perspective of those on the Atlantic Ocean.

Available Now

The first two Team Apollo books and the first Lost Oceans book, as well as one prequel, are currently available in most online retailers.

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More Books

Stay tuned for release dates.

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We are not currently taking web design clients, but if you are interested in graphic design, book covers or publishing services, contact us with a detailed message.